THANK YOU for the support!

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THANK YOU for the support!

Post by JGwinner » Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:30 pm

First off, THANK YOU guys for taking on ARToolkit!

I was looking for the docs and got very confused with the DAQRI website redirect ....

I'm looking to use ARToolkitX with Unity. The existing toolkits, for my purposes, seem to be less functional than a simple Gyroscope/IMU based app, oddly, and rather expensive.

So, was hoping to see what's out there, types of markers, instant/extended tracking.

The App I was working on was for a world-wide conference; there's an LA venu but it's a bit hard to navigate. So, I was hoping to have an AR app that would 'know' where you are by tracing a marker (which for various reasons has to be taped to the floor), and then once I have you localized, would show big glowing arrows pointing the way toward the next conference room.

I've also found an indoor localization library, but sadly doesn't seem to run on iOS.

So the use case is:

1) Scan a marker
2) Display some content 'behind' the user or around them.
3) User turns to look at the Augmented content, tracking continues.

I'm looking for something similar to this:

with the wrinkle that in my code, instead of "North" etc. there would be arrows; the arrows would direct users to other locations based on the marker that had been scanned.

Mostly I need ground plane detection, but the environment is really busy with people walking around, so I've found with commercial libraries, the Augmented objects disappear due to tracking being lost. The advantage of the simpler ArgonJS example, is the items still stay on screen.

If Gyro/IMU tracking could be added to make augmentations persist, that's really what most people want. Full SLAM would be nice, but this could be an intermediate step.

Thank you,

== John ==

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