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Posting guidelines

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Where to post:

Forums such as this work best when discussion on related matters are kept in a single topic, and when unrelated matters are broken out into a new topic.

For this reason, you are requested to use the search facility (the "Search" icon with the magnifying glass, at the top of the forum window) to check for keywords relating to your intended post before posting. Then, if you find a topic which already contains similar discussion, add a new post to the bottom of the discussion.

When you add to an existing topic, users who have already posted on that topic may get an automatic notice about your post, and be able to help you immediately.

If you open new topics for matters which have already been covered in earlier topics, your post may be moved into that topic by a moderator. In some cases, such as making multiple identical posts, your posts may be removed entirely.

How to post:

If you are posting to ask other users for help or advice, you should think about what is is like when other people ask you for help. You generally feel more like helping someone if they:
  • are polite
    express their problem clearly
    provide detail, and
    have already read available help resources
If you strive to apply those principles to your own posts, your question is more likely to get a positive response.

If you post a question which is already answered in the documentation, you may get a less helpful response.

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